Our Services

We have migrated a wide range of applications & services from on-premises and data centre environments. We can advice on and migrate applications & services as well as identify architectural opportunities and trade-offs.

Traditional Cloud migrations often provide only limited provisioning and operational benefits. We have helped organisations adopt DevOps and Cloud best practices to considerably increase business Agility & Feedback.

Serverless architectures reduce the operational footprint of eligible strategic applications and services to refocus technical efforts on alignment with business objectives. Use our extensive refactoring experience to transform strategic assets.

About Us

Virtuability is based in Ireland. We are AWS Select partners.

Our mission is to help organisations accelerate adoption of AWS Cloud and DevOps practices.

We have worked with start-ups, larger enterprises and public sector to migrate to AWS. We have also helped organisations transform to DevOps & Agile working practices that enable a much faster response cycle to business objectives and ongoing change. This includes adoption of Serverless technologies to allow focus on functionality and to minimise operational burden.

We can also help with the Landing Zone foundation for account structure, security, access management, control policies, monitoring & alerting and on-premises & third-party connectivity.